5 Points to Build Awesome websites


1. Typography : 5 Points to Build Awesome websites
Typography is the art and technique of arranging type.
(arranging type means – selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning)).
we use type to engage the user and generate interest. Good Web typography isn’t just about a beautiful visual treatment, but about speed as well.
To grow up the website personality typography is needed. Because typrography establish a mode of communication.
The choice of typeface will determine how people respond to your website. What do you want them to feel and experience when the page loads?
For years, website were limited to use some of the limited or default fonts only such as :
Arial/Verdana/Times New Roman/Georgia/Tahoma/Lucida/Impact  and many more.
These were fonts that were essentially guaranteed to be installed on your computer (since this is where a website reads its fonts from). In recent years, however, font selection for websites has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of @font-face (pronounced “at font face”).
With this method, font files can be included along with other resources, like images, that a website needs to use to display properly. Instead of getting fonts from a user’s computer, a website can instead use these included font files allowing that site access to a staggering array of font choices used in that design!

2. Successful Conversions Thinking : 5 Points to Build Awesome websites
Successfull Conversion means people transition from being just a casual visitor to becoming a paying visitor, becoming a member of the site, subscribing to receive additional information from you in the future, or even just completing an inquiry form.

Every aspect of a site’s design plays a role in driving customers to their destination and converting them.
Navigation – How smoothly can people navigate through your website?
Color – Is the color scheme attractive and eye-catching?
Text – This includes the use for messaging as well as the descriptions, instructions, and labels
Images – The images should be interesting, unique, and high quality

3. Use White Space : 5 Points to Build Awesome websites
“Design is as much an act of spacing as an act of marking.”
Don’t make the homepage to  a newspaper.  Becuase the  aggressive use of space makes sense in terms of newspaper printing, but websites are not newspapers and people do not consume website content the same way they consume the printed page.
For website visitors, adequate spacing between elements on a page allows for a more enjoyable reading experience (more on that reading experience shortly).
One very interesting way of using space is parallax scrolling.
Between you and us, parallax scrolling is a big name for a simple idea. Parallax scrolling is a term ascribed to the visual effect of your background image moving slower than an image placed in your foreground. Your end result is a background that dramatically reveals itself at a slower pace than the rest of your page.

4. Don’t Add more Stuff : 5 Points to Build Awesome websites
Only add necessary elements for success is fine. But everything being added is certainly not necessary.
Think about the typical homepage for a minute. Many companies use this page as a platform to promote every possible piece of content that their customers may need. They add so much content to that page trying to emphasize all of it by making things big, bright, and bold. What happens when everything is emphasized, however, is that nothing is emphasized.
Take that aforementioned navigation bar, for example. If you have 10 links or tabs in that navigation, your visitors will take longer to determine which link is the one they need than if you only have 8 options. If you can whittle it down to 5 or 6 options, you are in even better shape!

5. Don’t Go Overboard, But Have Fun….. :) : 5 Points to Build Awesome websites
One of the goals you most likely have for your site and for your online presence is that you want to make an impression on your visitors.
Now, your initial reaction may be that you cannot have a “fun” website, but let’s define what we mean by “fun” here. Fun doesn’t mean silly. A website can be both fun and professional at the same time by also adding a layer of delight to the experience. It means taking what is mundane and replace it with something memorable!

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